Balisong Atroposknife – “Kratos” duralumin, Large

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stainless steel N690
Duralumin milled handles
Blade thickness 3.8 mm
Blade length 120 mm
Full length 265 mm
Stainless bushings
Bronze washers
Titanium latch

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Balisong Atroposknife – “Kratos” duralumin, Large

  1. Tortu

    Hola esto es una pregunta no una reseña esque no encontre ningun lugar para hacer preguntas, ¿La navaja tiene filo?

    • lpunity

      Sí, el cuchillo está afilado.

  2. Tortu

    a question, is the razor sharp? And do you ship to Argentina?

    • lpunity

      Yes, the knife is sharp. but shipping to Argentina does not work yet due to COVID restrictions

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