Hello! My name is Alexey Vaulin. I am the founder of the online store Vaulaknives.com. I’m from Russia. I sell knives and handicrafts all over the world. All products on our site are made by hand. This is not a factory production. Approximately half of all products made in a single copy. The other half of the goods are also made by hand, but in small batches of 10-15 pieces.

It all started in 2009 when I bought my first knife, and then I couldn’t stop. I sat tight on the knives. Then my collection is so rastilat that I started selling knives. From 2013, I started selling knives and handicrafts worldwide.

During these few years I have assembled a huge collection of knives, personally developed more than two dozen knives, i have gained many friends and partners among knifemakers of Russia, and also gained invaluable experience in international trade.
If you like the warmth of handmade products and you’re as crazy as I am, you are welcome.