I want to share my thoughts on such knives as balisongs.
Typically, these knives are popular among young people, as balisongs can be effectively opened and closed. There is a whole subculture of flipping. There are many tricks and directions in flipping.
Perhaps this is why people over 40 rarely buy balisongs, they think that this is not a serious knife, and childishness. I am over 30, and I can also spectacularly open this knife. But I’m not fond of flipping. I’m more interested in their design. Balisong has the simplest and most reliable designs among folding knives. This knife can be made by people even without special skills and equipment. Of course it will not be such a cool knife like ours, but it will work.
Many of our customers prefer large balisongs with blades of 100 mm or more. Yes, these are spectacular knives. They always look more advantageous in comparison with other folding knives. But wearing such knives in the city is prohibited in many countries. Even where balisongs with blades larger than 90 mm are legalized, It is unlikely that you will be called an adequate person if you flip a huge knife in the post office in order to unpack the parcel, or sharpen a pencil at work, or cut the rope. For all these purposes, you do not need a large knife. But for some reason, most manufacturers do not make mini balisongs to be worn in the city. We are correcting this injustice. Now you can buy a balisong with blades about 55 mm from us. I think it’s great, especially for those who like small pocket knives. Such a balisong can be worn and used anywhere. It does not cause a feeling of danger among people around. This is a very cool men’s accessory, which is a small but still a knife. And be sure that he will cope with 95% of all tasks for which you may need a knife.
With this reasoning, I wanted to show that one should not treat balisongs only as a tool for flipping. It can be like a full knife or a small accessory for EDC (every day carry).

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