Custom unique Folding knife medium “Trick”.

200 $


Believe me, you will not see this anywhere else. This is a unique transformer knife.
When closed, it looks like a baton or flashlight.
In the open position, you can change the length of the blade and handle. You can also use part of the handle as a fork.
An ordinary person will not even be able to open and use this knife. This is a truly amazing knife designed by our staff.

This knife is not series production.
The blade is fixed in all positions.
The handle is made of micarta and the aviation duralumin.

the thickness of the blade is 3 mm.
steel N690, 59 HRC.
the diameter of the handle is 22-26 mm.

in the decomposed form:
– the length of the blade is 190 mm.
– the total length is 410 mm.

with folded form:
– the length of the blade is 105 mm.
– the total length is 220 mm.

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